Couples massages are not for every couple. For some people, it’s best to have the massage sessions one after the other and here’s why.

A couple’s massage can be a wonderfully relaxing, bonding, and enjoyable experience when both partners are able to relax, let go, and feel confident knowing their partner is in the hands of a professional, as are they.

The truth is, not every couple’s massage is the relaxing, romantic, bonding experience people expect. If you have a busy schedule, combining your time for a couple’s massage can be a sensible option. The reality some couples find is that they like a different massage environment than what their partner likes. Sometimes one person likes their session quiet and the other person likes to talk. One person might make noises during the session indicating they are enjoying the session and it’s their way of communicating to let their therapist know they’ve found the right spot. To their partner listening, it may not be very relaxing.

Sometimes it’s difficult to relax because you are attached to the outcome of your partner’s experience, you really want them to have a good experience, maybe they were unsure about doing this, so you are in your head thinking about it and wondering how their experience is going instead of being present in your body or drifting off.

Sometimes, more commonly men are not comfortable by being massaged by a female therapist while their partner is present.

For the above reasons sometimes couples choose to receive massage one at a time while the other finds a relaxing activity reading a book in a hammock, shopping, beach time, a walk, etc. That way each person can enjoy their session on their own. If the above concerns are not concerns for your and your partner and you are both able to drift off to massage lala land during your session, then by all means enjoy a relaxing, romantic bonding couple’s massage.

Friends and family seem to do well with couple’s massage and are less attached to the outcome of each other’s sessions.