Services Offered:

  • 60, 90, 120 minute integrative massage
  • Couples massage
  • Reflexology
  • Yin Yoga
  • Workshops for small groups and partners
  • Couples massage lessons

Feel Rejuvenated! Acclimate to Pura Vida by taking time here in Costa Rica for massage.  Massage is the perfect way to release the stresses of home and tension from a fast-paced life.  Allow soothing therapeutic touch to ease the tensions of travel, relieve tight shoulders often causing headaches, and melt away tension in your low back and hips from prolonged sitting.  Headache relief is a specialty of Cheryl’s.  Sessions are customized to each individual based on their unique needs and may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Myofascial release, Stretching, Triggerpoint Therapy, Craniosacral, Reflexology, Reiki and more.

We believe for massage to be most effective, pressure should not surpass a ‘hurts so good’ feeling.  Clients are encouraged to communicate their needs during intake and also during the session, if necessary.  Examples of this are requesting a relaxing massage, light pressure, firm pressure or a blend of both.

We are located in the town of Sámara where we offer Massage on-site at your vacation rental, home, hotel, retreat, wedding party, or villas in Playa Sámara, Carrillo, and beyond. This is an excellent option for family and friends to relax in at your rental without having to drive into town.

Massage is also available within a private airconditioned studio at Tico Adventure Lodge in Samara.

Private BeachFront Massage Retreats are available at The Relaxation Spot for groups up to 11 people inquire at [email protected] for availability or use the contact form. This must be booked well in advance as the space books quickly.

The Truth About Couple’s Massage Couples massage is not for every couple. For some people, it’s best to have the massage sessions one after the other and here’s why. A couple’s massage can be a wonderfully relaxing, bonding, and enjoyable experience when both partners are able to relax, let go, and feel confident knowing their partner is in the hands of a professional, as are they.The truth is, not every couple’s massage is the relaxing, romantic, bonding experience people expect. Read More…