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Cheryl Adams of The Relaxation Spot 

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 by Mea L on The Relaxation Spot
Healing blissful massage

I have had thousands of massages, gone thru massage school myself, and this was one of the best massages I've ever had. Cheryl has a true natural sense of what will balance you in the moment. that coupled with the roar of the ocean, put me into a state of bliss. I highly recommend her massage. go for 90 minutes, you'll wish you had!

 by Johnnieraythedancingman on The Relaxation Spot

... Healing ... Peace ... Tranquility ... These are the words that come to mind when I think of THE RELAXATION SPOT ... so much so that I think that Cheryl & Glen should change the name to The Healing Place ... On my personal Journey of healing with a gentle breeze of ocean air and the song of waves gently washing ashore ... Cheryl began her session by looking out over the Pacific ... Pondering its vastness ... She invites me to Breathe deep the clean oxygen rich atmosphere ... Filling my senses with the ardent rich shades of green palms and jungle touching the warm Pacific ... I wonder if somehow I fell down the rabbit hole and landed in a magical place of peace and tranquility where my mind could rest and my body heal ... Then Cheryl begins her massage and I realize I have found Harmony between mind ... Body ... & Soul on a much grander scale than I could ever write about in so few words ... Cheryl is gifted in so many ways that she has made THE RELAXATION SPOT her way to share her 17 years of experience with massage and healing ... I'll be returning soon Cheryl , and the first place I hope to go is to Playa Samara for realignment within myself and more healing .... Thank you from this old soul ... Namaste ...JOHNNIERAY - THE DANCIN MAN

 by Blaz B on The Relaxation Spot
Honestly one of the best Massages ever
Source: TripAdvisor

"While recently visiting a friend who had relocated to Samara, Costa Rica I asked about a place I could get a massage. I had terrible pain in my left shoulder that was bothering me and didn't want to have that pain get worse as I began my Costa Rican adventure. She recommended Cheryl because she was nice and had been giving massages for 15+ Years. WOW! From the first minute I knew I was in good hands. Cheryl (and her lovely family) were very welcoming and set a nice serene tone for me. I filled out a pretty comprehensive form, which impressed me, that went over lots of important info from whether I like to talk while getting a massage, what type of massage music I like, to my history of headaches. Cheryl then briefly asked some questions verbally based on what I had put on the form and talked about what kind of a massage I was looking for. Afterward, she led me to the massage table which was beautiful and close enough to the water to hear the waves for the entire massage.She led me through a quick stretch which helped loosen my body and get me into the massage mindset and let go of my stress. I did the 90 minute massage and the price was incredibly reasonable for someone with this much experience and skill. I am not exaggerating when I say this was one of the best massages I have ever had. Cheryl took her time, she really worked any of the areas where I was sore, and she checked in at appropriate times on the pressure and how I was doing. The massage was thorough while still focusing on my most painful areas. Amazingly she had the perfect pressure. She went deep into my muscles and pressed into knots to get them to release without ever causing me to tense up due to any pain. I enjoyed every moment of the massage and was hoping it would never end. Afterward, I had immediate ease in the pain in my left shoulder (it was completely gone by the next morning) and felt really wonderful and relaxed. I basically walked back to my friends place in a blissful stupor as the sunset on Samara beach. It was the PERFECT start to my vacation and I have so much gratitude to Cheryl for the wonderful experience.

 by Adam Harmon on The Relaxation Spot
Source: Google

This is the best place to get a massage. She is super fantastic. Has so many years of practice and experience. Absolutely wonderful.

 by Kathryn Taylor on The Relaxation Spot
Source: Google

Cheryl is amazing at giving massages. I have had one before but she did things that I never experienced. She really wants to know what you like by asking on the form what music you like, what kind of pressure you want, and what you want specifically worked on. Cheryl and Glenn are great hosts. They let us use their washer and their bikes to ride into town. Glenn welcomed me at the gate when I first arrived which made me feel welcome. He also gave a tour of the house and tips of the area. Highly recommend staying here and getting a massage from Cheryl! And their son and puppies and so sweet 🙂

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