Today’s post is a little more ‘colorful’ than I normally post.

My day was mostly spent settling.

I am now completely unpacked and organized in what will be my home for the next few weeks!  Although I plan on brown rice being a staple once I’d completed my unpacking I realized I was so hungry that I needed to find food ASAP….so I headed to my favorite cafe…and on my walk there I learned a valuable lesson from a Monkey.  I think we have much to learn from nature.  Over the years I have come to many realizations about life and I continue to discover new insight, in a journey to be more comfortable in my own skin.  I came from a place of self judgement, sacrifice and restriction but those days are long behind me and everyday I am more accepting of myself and feel more grounded and blissfully peaceful.

So the lesson I learned from my Monkey Friend???



Some Days…..Ya just gotta let your balls hang out!!!!!


Be You!

Come Join me on my adventures, the more the merrier.  I have so much to share.  I’ve been asked to make sure I include photos of flowers, animals, and all things dancing.  Feel free to comment, or if you would like to see more photos of something, let me know!

Wishing you peace…it’s so very freeing!

~Pura Vida~