Cranio Sacral, Myofascial, and Shiatsu…Oh My!

Greetings from Cheryl Adams studying in Sunny Samara Beach!

Thank you for all your interest, support and well wishes for my educational journey in Costa Rica!

Last evening I took a walk on the beach and I saw the most amazing display of colors. I was in awe as colors seemed to dance not only across the sky but the soft wet sand that felt so soothing between my toes. I could barely take my eyes off this beautiful picture show, except to take yet another photo. The moon shone brightly behind me and yet the horizon was still illuminated in pastels. I watched the colors morph across the sky till the setting sun was but a whisper in the night sky. I felt like the only person in the world as I watched in wonder…and I wondered why I didn’t take the time from my studies to make this a daily ritual… At the same time, I feel there is so much to learn and so very little time. Four months may seem like a lot, but for the depth and intensity of the studies here…it feels like no time at all.

I am so blessed to have this opportunity to learn. I have studied under the guidance of wonderful instructors and have so learned much. I am excited to see that my passion for bodywork and my desire to learn has only been fueled and shall be a life long journey of living and growing.


This morning marked the beginning of a whole new round of classes; starting off with a new movement class.

Gyro-kinesis this was a seated “joint-friendly” movement class designed to lubricate joints and allow energy to be free flowing throughout the body.

Sculpting human anatomy with clay is such a concrete way of tying in knowledge of muscles and their attachment sites and actually putting the knowledge to work. We’re starting with the deepest muscles in the body and creating them by hand including matching the direction of the striations in the muscles and precisely placing them on a child-size plastic skeleton. It may sound like art class…but this is an intense three hour a day anatomy class.

Our course load also includes an intensive Shiatsu class. Shiatsu literally translated means finger pressure. This technique also includes compression given with palms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet. We will be learning both floor and table work!!

My classes have also included Myofascial (which is fascinating dealing with the bodies fascia, connective tissue surrounding all muscles, and learning to release it), Cranio Sacral (also fascinating light work that can have a profound effect on your core) and Neuromuscular Therapy (delving deeper into trigger point referral patterns in all muscles and related stretching and strengthening exercises). Nutrition, Alt Med. And much much more…

I have also been able to experience this amazing work through receiving sessions directly from the instructors!!!

I can’t wait to share my experiences with everyone back in the states!!!

To quote my husband “…you can’t study all the time”. Much of my time is spent happily with my nose in my studies however, I have also been busy with my fair share of adventures! I have uploaded photos to snap fish that may include some of the following recent adventures. Surf lessons, canopy zip lining, horseback riding, butterfly and frog gardens, guided wildlife walk, karaoke in English where no one understood English, Hot Springs, Volcanoes, Beautiful beaches and sunsets, meeting members of an ancient indigenous Malakus tribe, realizing that horses and bulls take romantic strolls on the beach too, learning Spanish, being brought up on stage and involved in Salsa Dancing and much much more…actually much of this occurred in one impromptu weekend adventure! These photos are also on my Facebook page, feel free to peruse my photos 🙂



Sun-gasm at Samara Beach


Hope everyone is happy, healthy and enjoying the sunshine!

For those of you asking for details, Just a reminder my graduation will be June 7th and my husband will be coming down May 31st!!!

Following graduation we will explore this lovely country together. We’ll be in Costa Rica till 21st of June! We arrive in Philly about Midnight on the 22nd.

Yes you may reserve your July appointments now for sessions beginning after the 4th of July holiday.

Pura Vida,

Cheryl Adams