Yeah 2010!!!

February is almost at a close and the last two months have almost been a blur.

The Relaxation Spot has taken on so many exciting changes over the last few years.  From being chosen to study massage in Costa Rica 2 years ago with 17 different instructors, to becoming a Yoga Teacher and then a Yin Yoga Teacher and Now graduating an Intense Massage Instructor Training, Master Apprenticeship and Cancer Massage.

So many amazing opportunities I’ve been part of, all of which allow me to touch my clients lives in new and different ways.  This equals about 2,000 hours of education, and as long as I keep living, I’m going to keep learning.  🙂


I want to encourage everyone to live life with positive thoughts and truly enjoy every moment life has to offer.

The moon has just gone into Virgo and from what I hear this is a good time to remove what isn’t working in your life.  Even the utmost positive person, when surrounded constantly by negative people can become drained and have difficulty moving forward and finding their bliss.  What would be your bliss? No matter how extravagant or crazy it would sound….what is it?  What steps can you make to bring it just a little bit closer to reality?


This experience for me has been lots of hard work, very rewarding and mind-blowing.

My whole life I’ve wanted to make a positive impact and now I’m helping send 20 amazing massage therapists in to this world to bring much needed positive touch and warm smiles.  It’s truly an amazing gift to have to chance to help people feel better in their bodies.  I’m so blessed to be able to do this as my life’s passion.  And I can’t wait to head back to Berks County and bring with me all the amazing new things I’ve learned!!!!  March 16th I will be back.

Schedule your appointment in advance as slots are already filling up!!!