Samara Beach


(Photo Above: Salt Glow on the Beach Hydrotherapy Class)

Greetings Everyone!


Yes I am enjoying the Lovely Costa Rica. I arrived on the evening of Feb 2nd.

My travel to Costa Rica went very smoothly and was quite uneventful. Couldn’t ask for more!

Due to the nature of this rigorous program and the excitement of it’s members there was barely a moment to settle in.

It has been nonstop learning, studying and fun too!

I am in Samara Beach, Costa Rica. This is a wonderful little beach town filled with friendly locals “Tico’s”, and adventurous tourists, attracted to the beautiful beach and great beginner surf. My campus is a holistic oasis even in such a lovely setting as this. Here I have met so many amazing new friends that have already played an important role in my journey.


The weather in Costa Rica is fabulous all the time.

We had two weeks of Constant Sunshine during the day, with warm beautiful breezes day and night. This week we’ve seen rain, however it still feels like perfect weather, it’s refreshing and warm and boy can it downpour. I am starting to get to know the faces of the locals in town. My Spanish is terrible, but they’re very patient and helpful. There is the local fruit stand where you can get Pipa De Agua which is Coconut water before it turns to milk and you drink it right out of the Coconut, its PH is naturally balanced, it’s supposed to be very good for you. There are a few mini supers…little grocery stores, and soda’s which are little places to have a snack and something to drink. I actually recently had a nice fruit lunch with a parrot the other day. He was quite fluent in Spanish and it made for lovely conversation.

This is a happy little town smiling faces, warm breezes, warm waves and wild horses that go for walks with each other.


I am so excited about all my classes.

I will have a total of 17 instructors when I have completed this program! Last week we had some hydrotherapy classes which included Salts scrubs on the beach and Watsu massage (water massage). This was extremely interesting to me. It’s a very nurturing form of massage where the therapist guides the client’s body gently through a warm pool in sort of a slow aquatic dance. It was soo relaxing. Tonight I had the chance to talk one on one with two additional instructors about their experiences with Rolfing and Mind Body Centering Bodywork. So very interesting!! I’m also excited that I’m having the opportunity to receive bodywork from these different instructors!!!!


I am completely amazed at how well all of us students get along.

It really feels that we are all meant to be here in this space and time. We’re all very different yet somehow we can feel at such peace in any dynamic of our intermingling. Each student has a deep seeded desire for travel and adventure along with a warm caring touch, it’s really a wonderful mix!


I must say that I am so pleased I decided to leave the country and pursue this educational massage adventure in Costa Rica.

My days are long and the coursework is intense, but I can’t imagine a more wonderful way to go about this training. I’m up early every morning to study before my 7am yoga class and learning doesn’t stop till I close my eyes to sleep…although I listen to Spanish translations while I sleep so maybe I’m still learning even then! We do have the weekends to explore and play…in and among our homework! I’ll try to keep the updates coming as the adventures continue!!! Oh and more pictures will come…I just need to get them small enough to send.


For those of you who have requested an address. This is it.


Cheryl Adams

C/O Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy (CRSMT)

GTE Nicoya Samara

Costado Norte De La Plaza

De Deportes

Samara, Nicoya 50205

Costa Rica

Apparently things seem to get here more smoothly if they’re decorated with religious looking symbols…it deters thieves.



Today we worked on an activity that illustrated how much stronger we are when we have support behind us.

From the bottom of my heart I Thank You for all your wonderful warm wishes.

Know that each of you has a special place in my thoughts and my life and you’re sharing this adventure with me.


Pura Vida,

Cheryl Adams


Salt Glows on the Beach!